Codi Ann Thomsen
Codi Ann Thomsen is a craftswoman, story-teller and the founder of West Heritage.

And when the fog rises, somebody sighs who is not in disguise anymore.


(My sleep schedule is completely and utterly out of whack.)

Mama, there’s wolves in the house.
Mama, they won’t let me out.

Hello! I love your work and I think the aesthetics of your site are beautiful. As someone who does so much in different creative mediums, do you have any advice for someone who struggles to get started on all of the things they want to pursue?
by Anonymous

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So what is the next big project you're going to be working on?!

Just, doing what I’m doin’, really!

I’ve been working and collaborating with some incredible folks for West Heritage, working on a mock up for a book I’ve been hired for, and will be shooting my first wedding at the end of September. I’ve also been designing new products for the shop and will be putting those into action very shortly.

What is your day job?
by Anonymous

I don’t have a day job.

I run an online store / network promoting and collaborating with small businesses/brands called West Heritage, and I freelance by means of illustration, design, photography, workshops/speaking and custom leather or sewing work.