Codi Ann Thomsen
Codi Ann Thomsen is a craftswoman, story-teller and the founder of West Heritage.



West Heritage: Opportunities

Not only is our website completely redesigned, but we’re looking for folks to lend their hands as the holidays near! There’s opportunities available to contribute to from home, work alongside Codi Ann Thomsen in her studio or on site, as well as become a contributing writer to our Journal.

We’re also going to start looking for both men and woman models of all sizes as we start adding found, reclaimed and handmade clothing to our shop, so if you don’t mind having your picture taken and you live in the Chicago-land area, get in touch!

Hey! Come work with me!

Do you live with your parents? Are your parents artists too? Do you have any siblings?

A question by Anonymous

I’m living with my mother for the time being, yeah! She’s a small business owner as well. She’s a landscaper, although her job does entail some design work. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to ask her questions about running a business and that we can relate to and help one another each other in that way. She’s always been incredibly supportive of what I’m doing.

I don’t have any immediate siblings! Just half-siblings, but I have always considered myself an only child because I grew up that way.

Do you use VSCO film for your photo process? If so what pack do you use most often with which presets? Your photos are awesome!

A question by Anonymous

Hey! Thank you so much. I do use VSCO Film to edit my photos as of lately. I used to simply edit everything on my phone with the app. I have a few of the packages and there’s so many to go through that I haven’t necessarily found my favorites yet.

Do you know calligraphy?

A question by simplelittlebookworm

I’d say so! I have a pretty good understanding of it, practice it, enjoy manipulating my own penmanship, etc. I’m always learning new ways to expand and learn more, but I do take up a good handful of hand-lettering and calligraphy jobs in my spare time as well.

Given that I finally slept from noon until four, I woke up craving breakfast for dinner. I always forget how much I love to prepare good meals.

What’s your favorite thing to cook at home?