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Did you get new glasses? :)

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Nope! I’ve had the same glasses for several years now!

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I’m so thankful for the people who come into our lives and do nothing but encourage; people who bring out the best in you, who challenge every negative with a positive and who generally help to make life a little bit brighter. Whether it be with our career, our relationships, ourselves, finances, health or all of the above, we’re all struggling a bit and this lady continuously reminds me how important it is to make room for love, play, laughter and support.

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At a time (years and years ago), I was practicing the flute, piano and the guitar and since, have completely forgotten how to read music/play. Always inspired to give music another shot when I’m around these two, though. Best way to end a good day.

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Hello, Codi. I've been following your blog for two years now, but I took a very long hiatus from all things Tumblr-related. Last time I checked in, you were still attending SAIC! Wow. Are you still attending? I just read that you might be teaching (another!) class there. I'm sorry if you've already explained this! I hope you're doing swell. Congrats on West Heritage, by the way! You've come very far. I'm just an anon so it may not mean as much, but I'm extremely proud of you. Best wishes - mcb x

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