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Codi Ann Thomsen x Have Company

A photographer by the name of Ann Gordon signed up for my letter-writing workshop at Have Company last minute when we announced two openings the night before. She drove two and a half hours to attend and just e-mailed me a collection of beautifully taken photographs from the event. What an absolute blessing.

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I’ve made it! Today was my first day at Have Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan and just as I expected, the shop is absolutely stunning and Marlee has been an absolute joy in helping to get me settled in.

If you’re in or around the area, you are absolutely more than welcome to come by and share a cup of coffee with me! E-mail me or drop me a message if you’re thinking about stopping by before or after store hours!

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I’ve only talked to Codi a handful of times, but in those conversations she has proven to hold one of the warmest hearts I’ve stumbled across on this site. The amount of love and kindness she has shines so radiantly. She recently announced her new brand West Heritage Co., and I am so excited to see what it has in store. You all should take the time and check it out. 

I swear, in one big swoop, I sat down at my desk with a bowl of strawberries, let out a big sigh (I’ve just called it a day), looked up and saw this — first post right at the top of my dashboard when it refreshed. You should have seen the grin that hit my face, lady. My goodness. I’m absolutely speechless.

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Tumblr + Instagram

For a long while now, I’ve wanted to create a space that could fluently encompass everything that I do: story-telling, craftwork, writing and both supporting and encouraging other makers and this week, I’ve been unpacking my things into that new space.

With the help and support of many others, I’m releasing my brand West Heritage Co., which will become a permanent home to the shop, my own creative endeavors, the stories of others and so much more. Though the transition may be a little rough, I’d be absolutely honored if ya’ll would join me. We recently made a blog here on Tumblr and just launched our Instagram today and in the following weeks, we’ll be launching our official website and shop!

Click here to read our story.

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West Heritage Co.


For the last several weeks, I’ve been diligently working on creating a brand in hopes to fluidly pull together all areas of my work. For the time being, West Heritage Co. will remain a space for story-telling, inspiration and collaborative growing until the official website and shop is launched in the upcoming months.

I’d love if ya’ll would follow along through this transition! If you have any questions, you can direct them through West Heritage’s blog. Lots of good things ahead!

The biggest of thank you’s to my dearest friends Jenn, Jordan and Adeline for their creative insight, constructive feedback and company during long brain-storming sessions.

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Codi Ann ThomsenFallkirkshire

Austin and I recently collaborated on an exchange and today, I received his absolutely wonderful care-package. He enclosed to me: a small batch of Double Red Rooibos Tea, Where the Long Glass Blows by Louis L’Amour, a red beanie, a Field Notes notebook, James Townes Earle on vinyl, a small pocket knife, a beautifully written letter and lastly, a smaller piece of paper right on top that reads, "learn to… be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not" written by Henri Frederic Amiel. Not to mention, on the return label, he replaced his name with “Goin’ Postal” which got a much needed laugh out of me.

Follow along Austin or check out his work if you’ve got a second. He’s a real good guy and runs a pretty wonderful blog if you ask me. 

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Photographs by Codi Ann Thomsen

I’ve been a bit on the quiet side lately but today, I impulsively pulled my car over to the side of the road after spotting a swarm of seagulls hovering the waterfront of a small pond in my neighborhood.

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