Codi Ann Thomsen
Codi Ann Thomsen is a craftswoman, story-teller and the founder of West Heritage.
Codi, in your opinion, is it okay to pursue everything?
by Anonymous

You’re talking to an entrepreneur, m’friend. I am the queen of spreading myself thin and doing as much as I possibly can. Some people were just meant to pursue as much as they can. Some really can’t fathom the idea of sticking to one thing. Some really like the idea of working odd job to odd job because it offers them new knowledge each time around. It’s not a bad thing because there’s pros and cons to doing anything. Likewise, some people want one job, one hobby; stability, consistency, etc. And I don’t look at them any different either. If you’re happy, I think whatever it is you’re doing must be great for you, individually. Everyone is different but life is surely too damn short to not do what it is that you want to do. Even if it is everything.

hello there, buttercup. i'm curious, what is your daily routine like?
by Anonymous

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