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What are must-have love songs to put on a mix? I know you're an expert on this. :)

Asked by moonhymns
  1. Only One Who Knows by Arctic Monkeys
  2. Sea of Love by Cat Power
  3. Vintage Red by Jay Jay Pistolet
  4. Eyes by Rouge Wave
  5. Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur
  6. Hiding Tonight by Alex Turner
  7. Long Distance Lullaby by Stornoway
  8. Chinatown by Shakey Graves
  9. All I Have To Do Is Dream by the Everly Brothers
  10. Dogs by Page France
  11. The First Time I Ran Away by M. Ward
  12. Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman

* No particular order and without a doubt, subjective to my most recent music interests — also, definitely not an official list of songs I’d play at my wedding.

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West Heritage looks lovely! Super pumped to see what comes next, you uber-talented, wonderful human!

Asked by anchormade

Ahhhhh! Thank you so much, miss! I absolutely cannot wait to show you all what I’ve been working on! A few more interviews to wrap up, a business certificate in the mail (crazy) and a couple days worth of stocking new goodies and we’ll be launching our official website/shop before we all know it!

Eternally grateful for folks like you who are so encouraging and supportive through my ventures.

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What kind of music are you listening to lately? Any recommendations?

Asked by emphasighs

Antrim Dells is a band that I discovered while I was in Grand Rapids. They don’t play together anymore but what they have here is fantastic. I went to a house show at Marlee’s where Jacob Bullard, the lead singer played a few of his own songs and then played with what I think is his now-current band and I received one of his CD’s, so I’ve been listening to that as well.

Both them, his now-music and Amiina have been on repeat for a week and a half now. Hilli is my favorite song by Amiina. I find it absolutely breathtaking and I realized immediately when I heard it recently that I had heard it before, but I can’t remember where.

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hi codi :) found your blog recently and i'm very impressed with what you do and also with your whole personality. you really seem like.. only you, which is something not seen very often these days. i was actually wondering if you have or had side jobs over the years or are/were you able to live off your craftsmaking? thank you so much already for answering that question & have a marvelous day!

Asked by Anonymous

Thank you dearly! This truly, truly made me smile.

I’ve had some side jobs, but not too many, to be honest. I’ve primarily lived off of what I made as a maker/craftswoman. I’ve worked three jobs — waitressing at the age or 16 for 6 months, a barista for 1 month until I realized I bit off more than I could chew going to school full-time, and a certified framer for around seven months or so last year until I quit to work full-time doing what I do now.

Everyone’s expenses are different, though. That’s something to remember. Not much is required of me right now. I pay my bills, I put gas in my car, I maintain my bad habits and I have a little left to put back into my business each month. I don’t spend money on personal things too often and I never really go out to eat, etc.

Ray told me just today, “You can either make a lot of money and live luxuriously or lessen the amount of comforts you think you need.” I’ve done the latter. Very minimual, all of it.

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